Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility: Building a Better Community

While headlines about corporate greed may dominate the headlines, many companies throughout the world build provisions into their business plans to make their communities a better place to live and work. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can certainly have business benefits, like building a positive company

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Safety is Job Number One at Laser Precision

In a previous article, we discussed 5S Methodology and how Laser Precision has formalized our continuous improvement program. Many organizations think in terms of a 6S agenda, with the final element being Safety. We decided to separate our safety program so that risk issues have management’s full

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customer service

The Positive Side of Customer Service

The first thing that crosses people’s minds when they think of customer service is troubleshooting problems and making things right. At Laser Precision, we see the process of keeping our clients satisfied as a two-part discipline. The reactive response to customer issues is vital, of

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5S Methodology

5S Methodology: Adding Structure to Continuous Improvement

At Laser Precision, continuous improvement has always been a way of life. Sometimes it occurs organically. Other times we take a more scientific approach, such as when we make a decision to purchase new equipment (See Capital Expenditures Add Value).Another tactic is to research what has

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Perla Pedroza

Perla Pedroza Finds the Logic in Logistics

Perla Pedroza has a key member of our logistics operations for 14 years. She was working in a similar capacity for a company is Wisconsin with nothing to show for it but a long drive and lower pay than promised. Fortunately for us, a relative

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