Mark Reyes: Always Learning and Always Moving Forward

Mark Reyes, our second shift Press Brake Supervisor, has always shown an entrepreneurial spirit. He started an internet gaming business out of his house when he was still in high school! Since that time, he has never stopped gaining new skills and knowledge and finding

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Robotic Welding: Our Next Phase in Continuous Improvement

In response to several customers approaching us with high volume welding requirements, Laser Precision has taken delivery of its first automated welding machine. The Miller PerformArc 350S high output welding system (PA350S) will easily turn out higher volume jobs while simultaneously helping to improve the overall efficiency of

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Laser Precision: Building the Foundation of Success

What does it take to drive innovation in a competitive industry like sheet metal and plate fabrication? It takes inspiration, a bit of perspiration and, frankly, a healthy dose of dedication and commitment. In 1982, Jeff Adams was a recent graduate of a small Midwestern

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laser cutting

Brand-New Laser Cutters Up and Running

As part of our continuous improvement and equipment enhancement programs, we have recently taken delivery of two brand-new Mitsubishi ML3015eX PLUS laser cutters. To make room on the floor, we switched out two older machines and replaced them with the latest version of the same

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Mastering the Science of Quality

Simple fact: Without quality, you soon have no customers. Read any piece of business literature and you will see the word prominently displayed. But what exactly does “quality” mean? At Laser Precision, we define it as: “Meeting any and all customer expectations and requirements.” This

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