Synchronized Sourcing

 Automating Cost Out of The Value Stream

Utilizing “State of the Art” technologies, Laser Precision has developed a proprietary data management system that allows the entire value stream to be synchronized to the customer’s demand requirements. We call it Synchronized Sourcing and it is the foundation that enables our Performance Metrics.

SYNCHRONIZED SOURCING is not just an electronic resource planning system, it is applied throughout our entire extended enterprise.  The concept focuses on providing customers increased velocity, reduced cost, world class quality, and timely delivery of product.  This includes material planning and control, purchasing, supply chain management, quoting, scheduling, expediting, order processing and new product development.

SYNCHRONIZED SOURCING provides a productive and collaborative approach to procurement that responds to demand volatility in a real time, systematic and simultaneous fashion.

All value stream elements are defined and coordinated into an electronic demand profile. This profile is continuously updated and refined to insure customer requirements are met, on-time, to your exacting specifications.

All of this is done with virtually no human intervention. The entire synchronization process is accomplished through a series of complex algorithms that accept, decode, prioritize, and deploy the specific elements of demand within the electronic value stream, coordinating the intricate dance of capacity, allocation, and prioritization, ensuring consistent performance.

We redefine the value stream to mitigate, or completely eliminate unnecessary cost driven by human error, all while maintaining a productive operation in an agile manufacturing environment.

Benefits of SYNCHRONIZED SOURCING include decreased manufacturing costs, on-time fulfillment of schedules, and elimination of inefficiency in productive operations.  All of our automated manufacturing processes are managed and controlled with proprietary continuously updated business rules and project management protocols.

Our theory?

Let computer systems do what they do best.  Make calculations, interpret and deploy large volumes of data, and drive enterprise activity based on customer demand.

Welcome to Synchronized Sourcing,
a 21st century approach to procurement.