Formally recognized as a “World Class” supplier, Laser Precision is an award-winning, full service sheet metal and plate fabricator, committed to delivering the correct number of quality parts, on time, at the lowest cost of ownership.

As a contract metal fabricator, our extended supply chain services range from design collaboration, engineering, prototyping, fabrication, assembly, coating/finishing, inventory management, to distribution and management of shipments. An industry leader in innovation and technology, we provide demand driven metal fabrication services to some of the largest OEM’s in the world.

We’re a strategic partner that serves the agricultural, construction, defense, recreational, marine, medical, industrial, heavy equipment, power generation, food processing, construction, fitness and commercial vehicle markets.

Our end goal?

To provide our customers with a predictable supply of high quality, low-cost, metal components and assemblies that drive savings and efficiency into their value stream.

DUNS: 869241513
CAGE: 57v85
POC: Jeffrey Adams
NAICS: 332311, 332312, 332313, 332322, 332999, 333111, 333120, 333131, 333241, 333249, 333318, 336112, 336120, 336390, 336992, 339999