Making Your Life Easier with a Full Range of Fabrication Services

When it comes to our customers, we don’t like to take our eye off the ball, or in this case, fabricated components. For reasons of quality, convenience, turnaround and value, we like to do things ourselves whenever possible. That’s why we offer a series of services that complement our in-house CNC machining, welding, powder coating and finishing operations. Not only does this assure our high standards for quality are maintained throughout the process, but it reduces paperwork and logistics costs for you and increases work force utilization in your plant. Following are some examples of our value-added services.

Did you ever take delivery of some small components and find yourself faced with the task of connecting part A to part B (or C, D, E, etc.) before the completed piece can actually be put on the line? A space has to be dedicated, connectors have to be gathered from bins and workers have to be pulled away from other duties. Small things like this can add up to one big headache!

We can make the aggravation go away. The expertise of our assembly managers to customize assembly cells, paired with our investments in superior technology, has allowed us to deliver assembled units to the exact requirements of our customers. Completed components arrive at your door ready to go on the line JIT. Or, if you just want to make the assembly process go a bit faster on your end, our kitting capabilities can package separate components into one “everything you need” container that can be stored and then assembled as needed.

Turret Punching
Turret punching is an automated process of piercing or forming a piece of metal using a hardened steel tool to punch designs and shapes into metal. Ventilation louvers are one application you might be familiar with. The process is cost effective and accurate.

We offer a wide array of turret punching capabilities. Our automated CNC high-speed machining centers allow for precise cuts and impressions. These machines can be used to produce blanks or formed tread plates and offset blanks.

For some applications, riveting can replace welding or bolting and provide a strong bond that saves time and is very cost effective. The part has to be designed for riveting (the holes need to be there), but for larger frames that aren’t load bearing, rivets can be more than adequate. We have the equipment and expertise that give you a choice.

If you would like to learn more about our entire range of fabrication capabilities, please contact us.