Matt Keller Never Stops Learning in His Quest for Quality

Matt Keller brings every lesson he’s learned in life to his position as Laser Precision’s Quality Supervisor. His active duty stint in the Air Force Reserves as an aircraft structural mechanic taught him the basics of metallurgy, blueprint reading and different fabrication methods. Classroom work has given him credit towards degrees in business administration, human resources, industrial management and applied engineering. His career as a high school wrestler taught him the value of perseverance and dedication.

Matt was looking for someplace to apply all his life lessons when he saw an opening for a welding position at Laser Precision. While perfecting his technique, he was asked to fill in for quality inspections from time to time. The problem solving aspect of the work intrigued him and he made it his goal to get a full time position in the Quality Control Department. He spent his after-hours in QC, learning everything he could about the process and the integral role it plays in the organization. Three and a half years ago, his persistence paid off and he was offered a position in the department.

Today, Matt is the official liaison for quality for the entire organization, supervising the quality department and its personnel and indirectly supervising the entire plant for quality control. This includes setup of processes for new products and creating a checklist of requirements for each particular piece. Final approval of the first run of that product is also his responsibility.

Not content with just investigating customer complaints, Matt works proactively with them to ensure the delivered products are up to their standards. He then shares the information with his team in the plant to create processes that are not only corrective, but preventative. He also coordinates ISO standards and certification, defining those requirements and designing processes within the business for compliance.

When asked what the best part of his job is, Matt said two things stand out. Working with his team was number one. “Building better communications and working together to make sure the delivered products are the best they can be is very rewarding. I would be nothing without my team. I also enjoy the problem solving that comes with each particular product. Parts are always different and each has its unique problems. It’s like metallurgy detective work.”

Matt is still in the Air Force Reserves with the rank of E6 (Technical Sergeant). One weekend a month and two weeks a year is spent in uniform in Youngstown, Ohio, where he is stationed. In his rare free time he is a volunteer with the Wilmot ski patrol and teaches OEC (Outdoor Emergency Care). He is also active in community service though his church and other organizations.