Forming – Press Brake

Metal forming is an operation which converts a flat sheet metal workpiece into a 3 dimensional part. Our press brakes have been selected for their accuracy, reliability, and ability to accept virtual set-ups. Selections were based on their performance along each of these dimensions. Characteristics that define press-brake capabilities include pressure or tonnage, working length, distance to the back gauge, work height and stroke.

Laser Precision’s press brakes complement our cutting capabilities, with bending forces ranging from 80 tons to 275 tons and bend lengths of up to 13 feet. We have the capability to bend plates as well as thinner gauge material and can perform coining operations and hemming.

All of our press brakes feature multi-axis computer-controlled back gauges that make adjustments during the bending process and are equipped with mechanical and integrated tonnage sensors. The press brakes utilize these sensors to measure bending angles during the bend cycle and transmit data real-time to machine controls, which in turn adjust process parameters.

Maximum Tonnage Capacity (Press Brake Forming) 275 ton, Maximum Bend Length 156 in.

  • CNC control for precise control of all bending parameters
  • 8 axis back gauge for parts with tapered or off set edges
  • Quick release clamping for fast tool changes
  • CNC crowning ensures uniform angle and straightness on long bends
  • Off-line program creation and management
  • Up to 13 foot bend lengths
  • Up to 275 ton bending force
  • Electro-Hydraulic Servo drive system for exact bend angles
  • Electronic Virtual Set-Up for Rapid Set-Up