laser cutting

Laser Cutting

Fully Automated Laser Cutting & Fully Automated Load/Unload 5′ x 10′ tables.

Carbon Steel/Mild Steel/Stainless Steel/Galvanized Steel/Aluminum/Armor Plate/Other Alloy’s.

Currently, Laser Precision utilizes 6 Mitsubishi 3015 LVP high power laser cutting machines. All of our lasers are equipped with MSC III automated material loading and unloading systems. These High Speed Laser Processing machines are capable of running shim thicknesses up to ¾” thick carbon and mild steels, up to ½” thick stainless steel, and up to ¼” thick aluminum. Our lasers have the ability to handle any sheet size up to 60” x 120” and run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, completely unattended. Laser cutting is one of the most effective processes for cutting precise geometric shapes in steel plates or sheets. Our lasers are capable of holding tolerances as tight as +\-.002″. Additionally, our laser cutting processes incorporate automated material handling, off-line programming, and automated part nesting for maximum material utilization. As a critical core operation, our laser systems produce precision parts, while maximizing agility, flexibility, and reducing overall part cost for our customers.

Our lasers are ideal for sheet metal and plate cutting jobs. They allow for fast, flexible, and accurate cutting of the most simple or intricate complex shapes and are always finished with clean burr-free edges. (6) Mitsubishi 3015 LVP Lasers, Maximum Capacity (Laser Cutting) 3/4″ x 60″ x 120“, Maximum sheet size: 5′ x 10‘, Maximum material thickness: Aluminum: 0.375″, Steel: 0.750″, Stainless Steel: 0.500“
• Integrated with automatic material storage and retrieval systems
• Automatically loads raw material onto pallet during cutting cycle
• Automatically shuttles finished parts out and raw materials in
• Automated dynamic nesting with material yield optimization
• 4.5 kilowatt C02 lasers
• Uses either Oxygen or Nitrogen assist gas