Metal Machining

CNC Machining, Milling, CNC Lathe, Turning, Multi-axis Machining, Beveling, Precision Drilling, Tapping

Used as both a primary operation and as a secondary process on materials that have been previously processed on other machines. Laser Precision utilizes Haas vertical machining centers to perform precise material removal operations on metallic parts. Dimensional and positional accuracies to .001″ inch are routinely achieved using CNC machining. Laser Precision has 6 CNC vertical machining centers, 1 manual mill, 1 CNC lathe, and 1 manual lathe. Laser Precision also utilizes semi-automatic tapping systems for rapid threading. Laser Precision specializes in using the machining centers as an adjunct to laser processed products. By combining these processes, significant cost reductions can be gained without sacrificing product specifications.