Certified Welding

MIG & TIG, Resistance/Spot

Welding is a sculptural process that joins two or more pieces of material by applying heat or pressure, or both, with or without filler material, to produce a localized union through fusion or recrystallization across the interface.

Laser Precision uses MIG, TIG, and Resistance welding to provide maximum versatility and integrity of the welding operation. In addition, Laser Precision employs AWS certified welders to assure all welds are compliant to industry standards. In house certified weld inspectors (CWI’s) and instructors monitor our weld processing to confirm that all AWS specifications and requirements are met.  Additionally, Laser Precision has an aggressive and robust weld process control system compliant to Caterpillar “7 Steps to Welding Excellence” (7SWE) as part of our overall quality process.

Our welding capabilities include 2 spot weld stations and 10 independent weld stations.

  • Manual Arc Welding Stations
  • MIG for steel up to 450 amps
  • TIG for steel or aluminum up to 250 amps
  • Resistance (Spot) Welding Machines
  • 80 KVA, 24″ throat
  • 75 KVA, 12″ throat
  • Stud Welding Guns
  • Up to 3/8″ Dia.